We are the professional PCB Fab House in China
We provide excellent quality HDI PCB and other Special PCB
Welcome to SiYi Electronic your final destination in Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)! Founded in May, 2000 SiYi Electronic has been an expert in the production of Printed Circuit Boards.
SiYi specialize in 1~48 layer rigid circuit board, lead-free halogen-free environmental protection circuit board, blind buried hole circuit board, high-conductivity aluminum base, thermoelectric separation copper base, PDU busbar, iron base and metal base/core hybrid board, buried copper block, Inlaid copper block, buried resistance and buried capacitance, ultra-thin BT board, ceramic base, Teflon (PTFE) board, high frequency mixed dielectric board, impedance control board, thick copper, step copper, thick gold plating, high-end HDI, Flexible FPC, combination of soft and hard, super long board, super thick board, super small board, etc. Materials include: Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, TP-2, Megtron, Neclo, Isola, F4B, Taiyao TUC, Taiguang EMC, Tenghui VT, Shengyi SY, Lianmao ITEQ, Nanya NOUYA, DuPont Kapton, Taihong, Hongren, Xinyang, etc.
We have experience on processing HAL, LF-HAL, ENIG, Immersion Tin/Silver, Flash hard/soft gold, OSP surface finishing,SMOBC. Carbon Ink and Peel able Mask .
Our plant is ISO certified and ROHS, UL approved with a strict focus on manufacturing a quality product. No MOQ limited, we welcome prototypes, quick turn and high volume production. With a 35,000 square foot facility and over 1000 employees, SiYi is capable of delivering boards in as quickly as 24 hours.
Our clients range from small and large contract manufacturers, OEM facilities, and PCB fabrication shops. SiYi has satisfied customers in many different industries such as Telecommunications, Computers, Industrial, Automotives, Security, Traffic Control, Bluetooth, GPS, and Medical.
Reasons to Choose SiYi Electronic:
l         20 years of expertise producing PCBs
l         Competitive pricing: win-win policy
l         Consistent high quality from first shipment to last
l         Quick turnaround prototypes
l         Quick Response: Quote in 1 day
l         Dock-to-dock delivery
l         Strong Customer Support
Our objective is to establish a strategic partner relationship with our customers and to meet and exceed expectations. SiYi will keep on its commitment to provide the highest quality and service at the lowest possible cost to satisfy all of its customers.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your business by demonstrating our capabilities!

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