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We provide Special PCB and High Difficulty PCB

1~48 layer rigid circuit board, lead-free halogen-free environmental protection circuit board, blind buried hole circuit board, high-conductivity aluminum base, thermoelectric separation copper base, PDU busbar, iron base and metal base/core hybrid board, buried copper block, Inlaid copper block, buried resistance and buried capacitance, ultra-thin BT board, ceramic base, Teflon (PTFE) board, high frequency mixed dielectric board, impedance control board, thick copper, step copper, thick gold plating, high-end HDI, Flexible FPC, combination of soft and hard, super long board, super thick board, super small board, etc. Materials include: Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, TP-2, Megtron, Neclo, Isola, F4B, Taiyao TUC, Taiguang EMC, Tenghui VT, Shengyi SY, Lianmao ITEQ, Nanya NOUYA, DuPont Kapton, Taihong, Hongren, Xinyang, etc.