[Industry Concern] Can scrap circuit boards be played like this? Super creative artwork stunning eyeballs

Circuit boards are everywhere in life
Electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, and home appliances
Almost inseparable from the figure of the circuit board
Whenever these products are eliminated or scrapped
The first thing that comes to mind is to throw it away
But have you thought about the seemingly useless waste circuit boards
Can you also make fun and dazzling creative artworks?

But waste circuit boards contain cadmium and brominated flame retardants, etc.
Large amounts of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances
Will cause serious harm to the environment and human health
It also has considerable economic value
Metal content as high as 10%~60%
The most abundant is copper
In addition, there are gold, silver, nickel, lead and rare metals, etc.
According to the standard of daily waste classification
Used circuit boards are recyclable electronic waste
Except in life, during the circuit board production process
The circuit board will also be scrapped
To minimize end-of-life products
Generally use testing equipment to test circuit boards
Find problems in time, correct and remedy them
Reduce unnecessary waste and cost
Zhengye Technology Circuit Board Intelligent Testing Equipment
Covers inspection holes, copper thickness/plate thickness measurement, plate bending and plate warping detection,
Line width inspection, AVI appearance inspection, impedance test, etc.
Independent research and development, superb technology, stable and reliable
After the test of many well-known circuit board manufacturers and continuous improvement and innovation
To meet the different needs of customers and build a high-quality brand in the industry